All the shapes of printing.

From the time it was founded, Litoart has followed an innovative approach to work. Our philosophy creates a bond between art and printing by blending the quality of the craftsman’s know-how with the perfection of a modern, technologically advanced company. A universe, in which inspiration is fundamental to develop and manufacture products that are always abreast of the times, and have been thought and designed around our clients’ specific requirements.

Litoart blends its own technologies and know-how to create innovative, pre-formed products: printing takes on new forms, it becomes design, furnishes space and arouses emotions at the sight and touch.
Litoart is at the top of the game in the world of printing and pre-formed products. Our products feature a craftsman’s care for detail and the precision of the best industrial production, appreciated both in Italy and in Europe by the major names in cosmetics, food and pharmaceuticals.

TheLitoart philosophy incorporates not only the utmost care for detail in each individual typographical and pre-formed product, but also special attention paid to customer support throughout the entire decision-making process. We achieve this by offering strategic advice on packaging and retail design to the target specific requirements of that particular brand.